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iPhone 6 Plus Skins

Personalize your new phone with our custom iPhone 6 Plus skins.

iPhone 5/5s

Bored with your iPhone 5/5s? Give it a fresh look with a new iPhone skin!

LifeProof fre Samsung Galaxy S5 Case Skins

Why settle for the same, tired look of your Galaxy S5 phone case? Choose one of our LifeProof fre case skins and be unique.

iPad Mini Skins

Customize your tablet with one of our artistic iPad Mini skin designs.

Beats Solo 2 Skins

Listen to your favorite music in style with our Beats Solo 2 Skins.

OtterBox Preserver iPhone 5/5s Case Skins

Look good while still protecting your device. Check out these unique OtterBox Preserver iPhone 5/5s skins!

MacBook Pro - 15"

Give your notebook a little flair with a MacBook Pro Skin.

LifeProof fre/nuud iPad Air Case Skins

Stay protected, but be different with our LifeProof fre/nuud iPad Air Case skins!

OtterBox Defender iPhone 6 Case Skins

Add some life to your phone with an OtterBox Defender iPhone 6 Case skin.

Hey all you smart phone and portable device users, Welcome to Skinzy! We are your one-stop shop for adding a fresh new twist to your iPhone 6, iPhone 5, or iPhone 4. Our skins and cases go beyond Apple products, so for all of you Android users, take a look around! We have Samsung Galaxy Skins, Lifeproof case skins, and you can even deck out with Beats Headphones skins.

Skinzy products are easy to apply, remove, and get addicted to. Each item is precision made, so just apply and then you're ready to hit the town!

Slap on a new skin or case! Show them off to your friends and family, next thing you'll know, everyone will want one. They come in a variety of designs, so look around and pick out your favorites.